Give me chicken wire and duct tape, I'll make you a castle.


So let me start this with the fact that my house has the potential to either look like a cozy cabin or a trailer. And the porch did not help at all: tin roof, beige tiles on the wall, cement floor covered with a tattered rope rug, antique (on the edge of being trash) furniture, and a TON of leaves and other debris. Something had to be done, with a limited budget of course. We couldn’t afford to redo the porch with a fresh coat of paint and furniture, so after tearing down grapevines from our neighbor’s woods, we wired up the vines with wire and twinkle lights, adding the additional bird houses and nests. I’m guessing we spent a total of $100 and some plus for the wire and lights. 

I think it turned out pretty nicely. Some actual grapevines have been planted on the side of the house and is actually bearing fruit. However, most of the lights burnt out after two winters but they were easily replaced, although it’s getting harder to find twinkle lights with brown cords. If I had the cash, I’d stock up. I have a feeling they’re not going to be sold for much longer. Pity.