Give me chicken wire and duct tape, I'll make you a castle.


A love note to my troublesome printer.

short 24 second piece I made for my animation class. 

Sun Compass

For my Astronomy class, we had individual projects count as 2/5 of the entire class. So I decided to make a sun compass, a debatable viking device that I predicted would be more correct than a magnetic compass. 

After some research, I pulled out my Grandma’s woodcarving tools and got carving.

Ta Da!

The sun compass may or may not have been used by vikings, there has been much debate on that. Since none of the ship’s logs have recorded the use of such a device, the evidence says no. However, there was an artifact found in south Greenland that may be a sun compass. Models of that artifact have shown that it could be a working sun compass, however since the dials were not proportional, academics say otherwise and that no meaningful (mathematic) data could be found with the device on the sun’s movements. My argument was that it could be used purely for navigational purposes only. Viking’s weren’t exactly the mathematical type- but hey, I’m not a scholar, I may be wrong there. 

How is works is that at 12:00, the sun is at zenith (at its highest peak and directly south for people in the Northern Hemisphere) so the shadow of the gnomon points directly north. Magnetic compasses only point to magnetic north, which is not directly north. Magnetic North is somewhere in northwestern Canada. So here’s my observation with both a sun and magnetic compass. I took it at 12:30 so the shadow is off by a few degrees but its obvious that one of them is really wrong.

After some handy dandy calculations, I found that the magnetic compass was off by almost 14 degrees. Pretty cool, eh?

Cairns and a Tattooed Shroom

I love Andy Goldsworthy. I have his book “TIME” and his documentary “Rivers and Tides.” I simply cannot get enough of this guy. He is the landscape art guru. 

Look at him… he could play a hobbit. (Which is a plus for me.)

So after being in awe of this man, I was inspired to make my mark on my landscape. The results of this weren’t too bad, but nowhere close to the quality of Mr. Goldsworthy.

And then I tried to do something artsy with the mushrooms that were popping up on the hill next to my house. I’m not sure if this was a success or not, I had to stop with the one drawing because the mushroom was starting to crumble from me poking it with a muddy stick.

I don’t think I’m going to be playing with mushrooms again for a while. It was just frustrating. Although a few days later, my mom saw the mushroom and couldn’t figure out how a fern could press its shape into a mushroom.

My Giant, Neurotic, and Stubborn Dogs (I love them anyway)

At home I have two great danes: Beans and Norah Jones. (Norah was born the year that Norah Jones won a Grammy, and Beans is, well, “full of beans.”) They are really interesting dogs, they’re really human-like with their sensibilities… And what I mean by that is that they’re really stubborn, if they don’t get their way they scream and pout, and if you say “no” then they go pout in a corner. Norah had a pretty bad case of neurosis when she was younger, I think Beans helped her get over most of it. She still is terrified of plastic bags and terriers. Beans is on 20+ pills a day these days for his hips, back, and ulcers. It’s always an ordeal when we have to give him his medicine (every three hours) and we have to give Norah the same amount of “cookies” as we do Beans or it’s WWIII. So she’s put on a large amount of weight from this as he’s losing weight. (It’s almost like Dorian Gray.)

I am really inspired by Norah’s form. (she’s the white one) She’s a high standard, harlequin, pure bred dane, and her personality reflects upon that (she has this classist aura about her.) We humans are so fortunate to have her in this household.

She’s sleeping 23 hours of the day, so most of my sketches of her doing just that. 

And she breaks wind a lot too. I don’t know what that’s about…

Beanie is the apple in my mom’s eye. We all love him. He’s a puppy mill dog with terrible genetics, thus his terrible hip problems. He’s five now and hasn’t grown up, he will always be a pup. (we probably fixed him too soon)

I love my dogs. 

Self Portraits

I’ve been playing with cartoons, which I haven’t done in a loooong time. Most of what I did either looked like I was working too hard or looked like I was copying someone else. I’ve really lost my style from way back. (Except I don’t know if I want to refer back to it because it was very chibi-like and I’m not sure if that’s what I want… I hate being indecisive.) So here’s what I got, I practiced drawing myself since I didn’t want to offend anyone.

 (how I feel at the moment.)

(one of my better days.)

(before 11am if there isn’t a class that day.)

God bless my room mate for putting up with me gracefully.


I like trees. Better yet, I like to decorate trees. It’s fun.

In the living room of my mom’s house, we wired up two huge limbs from an Cherry tree. For a while we had twinkle lights on it (it was pretty epic) but now we just have a fake woodpecker on it. 

It looked like that, but add a ton of dust and cobwebs (because we’re the dust capital of the world.) 

How do you draw dust? Especially in a black and white drawing… 

Anyway, trees are awesome. They’re so easy to decorate. During the holiday season we don’t put a tree up of our own, we go up and down our dirt road and decorate random trees. When I was still in high school, the kids on the bus would be freaking out over how these decorations just appeared. Of course, the bus driver found out (… what’s up with bus drivers with always knowing things??)  but she kept my secret.  

Display Ideas For Anthro.

One of my dream internships/jobs is coming up with/constructing the displays at Anthropologie. Their displays are always amazing. I drive the hour to the mall just for the displays, I like the clothes as well but I’m broke.

So here are some ideas that I came up with.

This is a sweater kite. It would be hung from the ceiling and there would be wire armatures within the sweaters.

Scarf-tea party, with necklaces for creamer and rings for sugar cubes.

This one is scaffolding created by putting two ladders together with a long wooden board and on top would be empty {dry but used} paint cans with colorful scarves coming out of them to look like a plethora of color being poured towards the floor. 

This is a party tree, covered in twinkle lights {they’re the dots, I didn’t bother putting in the wire in this picture} with glass bottles hanging from the limbs. 

I thought this would be a good fall/winter display to be near either sweaters or scarves. 

Paper fish looking at a hook with jewelry as bait.

I think this one is my favorite. By using wire and light fabric, the tent would be hung from the ceiling. Under that would be these giant cloth lanterns  which become the table cloths. 

Here’s some possibilities for the lanterns:

The large wire ring expanding the cloth would be sewn into the fabric. The way it would be suspended in the air depends on fire codes, how much the ceiling can hold up, and how it looks.

So, that’s a few to start. I had to stop myself after a while, I just kept going and going.

How many doodles can I fit onto a single balloon? {got bored at a party}